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Both men and women get horny as all hell from dirty talk. AND that anticipation almost always leads to even hotter “real-life” sex. So what YOU do is then continue down the same path. Say something back like, THEN, the poor guy has absolutely NO choice but to think about you wearing his favorite types of panties! Say something to the effect of (and this will vary, obviously, depending on your relationship w/ the girl): (if you’re in a relationship) Why this works: Sending pics back-and-forth is one of the best REALLY dirty texting games – Usually it starts with pics that are rated G or PG but almost ALWAYS ends with pics that are rated R or XXX! So your reply should be something that tests her — tests how horny she is, how willing she is to have some fun.

Since some of you are GUYS and some of you are GIRLS – I’m going to break this post up like that. Once it gets started, it usually takes on a life of it’s own (in a good way). Try something like: (if you’re in a relationship) Or See where I’m going with this? I don’t want to make this post on how to have text sex TOO long.

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This website does not condone: Pornography, adult or mature content, Violent content, Content related to racial intolerance or advocacy against any individual, group or organisation, Excessive profanity. If you are under 18, use it only with a parent/guardians permission.Since 1965 Retro Vintage Porn Archive Enjoy 50 years of porn, from the sexual revolution of the 60s to the sophisticated lust of the 90s, plus the blockbuster series that made Private movies the most sought-after material of legions of men for decades, from the videotape era to the dvd days.At Private Classics you'll be able to watch and download never published before photo sessions that will take your nostalgia into horny territories.Enjoy our ever growing collection of vintage material! Unlike those "fake" castings you can see free on a tube site, at Private our horny hung producers go out into the wilds of Eastern and Western Europe armed with a camera and their cocks.What they bring back is legendary and worth every penny.

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